Founded in November of 2010 by Maria Espinoza, DMSA is located in the heart of Tampa with satellite locations in Clearwater and Riverview.  We offer our students a non-intimidating, fun, value enriched environment for students to learn and improve their dance skills.


Our beautiful Tampa location is a very spacious 2300 square feet studio with wood flooring, fully mirrored walls, A/C, 2 bathrooms, water fountains, and a DJ booth. We are located in the Horizon Park Shopping Center with plenty of outside parking available. Socials are offered at this location every Friday night.


Our Clearwater satellite location is located at La Fondita De Leo, a Puerto Rican cuisine restaurant with open dance space. Free Latin Nights are hosted at this location every Tuesday night. 


Our Riverview satellite location is located at La Casa del Chimi, a Latin and Caribbean cuisine cafe with a bar and lounge perfect for dancing.  Free socials are offered at this location every Thursday night.

Maria Espinoza 


Lead Instructor & Choreographer 

Maria has been dancing for over 30 years and teaching for 12 years. Born to a Puerto Rican mother and a Peruvian father in New York, she has always been intrigued with the arts. Dance has always been a part of her life - Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Freestyle, Hip Hop, Reggae, and more. In elementary school, she started taking Ballet and Tap Classes. As she got older, she began to use her talent in creating dance patterns and became captain of her dance team crew, who participated in many local events including the Puerto Rican Day Parade. 

As the years passed by, "life" and it's many responsibilities forced Maria to put her love of dance aside, but she never lost her passion. In 2002, she relocated to Florida and decided to get back to what she loved doing. Maria began training with several local dance schools and later become an instructor. She taught at the Simone Salsa Dance School for seven years and started the Brandon site of the school with O'Neil Brown, where they were the lead instructors. 

After many years of being an instructor, Maria decided it was time to live out her own dream of opening a school of the arts. She opened Dancin' Motion School of the Arts in 2010 where she has taught over 1000 students of different ages, ethnicities, and walks of life!

Being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2003, Maria realized that dancing has saved her life! "The feeling inside of you when you are able to free yourself and be you is beyond words. It is a way of healing yourself in which I feel no other medicine can do for you." Maria wants to be able to share this passion with the rest of the world and make others aware of how important and beautiful it is for a person to find whatever it is that frees them! 


dmsa staff & instructors 

Jaralie Murphy 

Administrative Assistant/Assistant Instructor | Salsa 

DMSA Graduating Class of February, 2013

Jaralie began taking tap, jazz, and acrobatic dance classes at the age of 8, but as she got older she elected to participate in school athletics instead. Her passion for dance never subsided, so when the opportunity to take dance classes presented itself in 2011, she slowly rediscovered her passion eventually graduating as a salsa follow and later as a lead.  Jaralie has continued to grow her craft by taking other latin dance classes from various instructors in addition to performing with the DMSA dance teams. 

Yamilette Flores

Administrative Assistant 

DMSA Graduating Class of March 2015


Yamilette grew up with a mother who danced and played Spanish music around the house, so the love of dance comes natural to her. A cardiac nurse by day, she longed for a hobby and decided to take salsa classes with her family. They all fell in love with the people at DMSA and graduated together. Her amazing dance adventure has taken her to new places and introduced her to new people. Yamilette's journey continues with her becoming a dance mom to two current DMSA assistant instructors - Chris & Jenmarie! 

Elise Valdes

Assistant Instructor | Salsa, Bachata 

DMSA Graduating Class of February 2013

Elise has danced her entire life, but started taking salsa classes at DMSA in 2012. She has graduated from DMSA as both a lead and follow. Her favorite part about teaching is sharing her passion with others. Although salsa was Elise's first love, bachata is her true love.  The dance floor is her happy place so if you ever see her standing or sitting at a social, grab her for a dance! 

Rosario 'Rosie' Feal 

Assistant Instructor | Salsa, Kids Latin 

DMSA Graduating Class of September, 2014

Rosie was born and raised in New York in a Hispanic household where every family gathering consisted of music and dancing. She started ballet and tap classes at 6 years old and later expanded her skills to also include hip-hop and freestyle, as well as acting and singing. As she got older, her focus turned more to her family, however once her children were grown she decided to start dancing again and hasn't looked back. Rosie has graduated as both a salsa follow and lead at DMSA. She enjoys sharing her love and passion with both adults and children. 

Alexander 'Alex' Rodriguez

Assistant Instructor | Salsa, Bachata

DMSA Graduating Class of September 2014

Alex began dancing in 2014 after years of watching others dance, but being too shy to try it. Once he got on the dance floor he instantly fell in love. After graduating from DMSA he decided to start teaching so he could share all of the knowledge he had acquired. Alex also enjoys performing with the DMSA dance teams and is constantly improving his craft. 

3932 W. Hillsborough Ave. Tampa, FL 33614

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